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The History of England:

Times of Transition

The purpose of this website is to introduce people to a few of the most important and influential events in the history of England.

The Norman Conquest

The influx of French culture as a result of the invasion of the William the Conqueror and the Normans in 1066 changed England's language, laws, and ruling class.

The Cause Events leading to the Battle The Battle The Impact

The Black Death

The Black Death in 1348-1349 caused the deaths of a third of England's population. It changed medicine, beliefs, values, and the relationship between the working class and the ruling class.

The Spread of the Disease The Effects on England The Medical Response The Impact

The Reformation

Henry VIII's Reformation changed English religion and government in the sixteenth century.

Henry VIII's Early Reign The Annullment A New Church The End of the Tudor Dynasty



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The Norman Conquest The Black Death The Reformation Bibliography Links